Scooter Honda 125 PCX

O autě

Are you busy and you need to get somewehre quick? Your PCX is ready. You don´t have to wait for an expensive cab or use a slow public transport. Just push the starter and you´re ready to go. Slim, swift and compact scooter passes easily through the city traffic and get you where you want. Easily, with style and on time. Equipment for free.


Impressive pull


Engine 125 ccm Smart Power (eSP), mildly increased power. Fill the 8 litres fuel tank and you don´t have to worry about gas station next 400 km.

Cenová nabídka vozů

Délka půjčkyCena
(Pátek 9:00 – Pondělí 9:00)
2050,- Kč
1 den 550,- Kč
2 - 5 dní 550,- Kč
6 - 7 dní 500,- Kč
Kauce 2500,- Kč


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