Terms of condition



  1. The operator has a duty to give the customer the rented vehicle in a regular technician condition and with the full fuel tank.

  2. The operator is responsible for the fact, that the rented vehicle is under Czech law.

  3. The operator must give the customer all needed documents for the rented vehicle, if they are requiered by a law and if there is a duty for the customer to have them during the renting of the vehicle.

  4. The operator must familiarize the customer with the using of rented vehicle, unless the customer refuse this step. This statement will be mentioned in a handover report.

  5. The operator must fill out the report with the customer and tage all possible damages, the statement of knowing how to use the rented vehicle, date and time of renting, amount for the deposit and expected time of returning.

  6. The operater must give the customer the rented vehicle with guilty insurance.

  7. During the return of the rented vehicle is the operator compulsary to check the vehicle and mention all possible damages to the report, that might happen during the using of the rented vehicle by a customer. The report must also contain date and time of returning, total amount for renting, charge the deposit and confirm the payment.




  1. The customer is compulsory to check the whole vehicle before the overtake and check, if the possible damages are mentioned in report. The later complaints will not be accepted.

  2. The customer must pay the refundable deposit.

  3. The customer can only rent a vehicle, that is able to drive.

  4. If the customer doesn´t need to be familiarize with operating the vehicle, is his duty to tell this the operator and confirm this statement in report.

  5. The customer is compulsary to return the vehicle in the same condition, as him was given. In case of any damages, is the customer compulsary to pay for the damage, alternavitely to pay the complicity, that is part of the insurence provided by the operater.

  6. In case of any damages on rented vehicle or accident, is the customer compulsary to contact the operator immediately and discuss the situation and upcoming steps.

  7. The customer is responsible for losing or devaluation of the document, which was him given from the operator.

  8. The customer muss know the rules for using the vehicle. If, for example, the operator wants to prove from the customer, that the customer is an owner of guilty driving licence, the customer must show the operater his driving licence without any hesitation.




  1. For all damages on healthy or property of the customer, even the third´s persons, that was caused during the renting the vehicle, is the customer responsible. If any damages was caused be the operator, the operator take over the responsibility

  2. The customer is compulsary to follow the rules and law during renting a vehicle. Not knowing is no excuse! In case of breaking the rules or law, overtake the customer full responsibility.


Operating and lending rules is valid from 3.1.2019.


You get all information about booking and renting the vehicles at  +420 606 995 477.


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