Škoda Scala


With a brand new model SCALA made a company ŠKODA a big step forward. Timeless design and dynamic character with higly-developed lines of coachwork make impressive game of light and shadow. ŠKODA SCALA is attractive and also practical, therefore is this car suitable for everyone.


  • Air condition
  • Tech. manual transmission
  • 4 doors


  • 5 persons
  • trunk
  • 2 luggages


Are you busy and you need to get somewehre quick? Your PCX is ready. You don´t have to wait for an expensive cab or use a slow public transport. Just push the starter and you´re ready to go. Slim, swift and compact scooter passes easily through the city traffic and get you where you want. Easily, with style and on time. Equipment for free.


Impressive pull

Engine 125 ccm Smart Power (eSP), mildly increased power. Fill the 8 litres fuel tank and you don´t have to worry about gas station next 400 km.


No hidden fees. The contract for the renting of vehicle is simple and transparent. All our vehicles are in 100% technician condition. We equip our vehicles with new tyres every season. Every our vehicle has a guilty motorway tax sticker. There´s a possibility to add more drivers into just one contract, without any fees. The highest amount of drivers, that can share the driving, is the amount of seats in the car. Pick-Up service 24/7 – pick up and return of vehicle any time possible. Full insurance of rented vehicle – 0 % participation in case of any damages or accidents. No worries about bad weather, it´s a part of insurance, that´s included in price for renting the vehicle. For a small fee we can provide fully cleaning of the vehicle and make it look like before the renting. Can´t you drive? Do you want not to drive? No problem! We can provide you a driver as well.

When I get a vehicle?

Immediately after paying the deposite + first payment for the rent..


Our vehicles are secured by GPS system.

Full fuel and let´s go the highway

The vehicle is always overhanded with full fuel and motorway tax sticker.

Collision damage waiver

You get the collision damage waiver automatically..

Great technician condition

Our vehicles are always at great technician condition and are checked by technical expert.

Globemaxtrade s.r.o.

Surprisingly very responsive compare to my bad experiences. Still using the cars. I can only recommend.

Estereal s.r.o.

Thanks a lot for your kindness. I recommend.
Hana Krausová

HMP-Tech GmbH

Clean and prepared. Transport to airport.

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